Lotus Rocketman T-Shirt

T-shirt developed for Lotus’ National Fall Tour of 2010. The shirt was a 4 color silkscreen printed on American Apparel and developed along with a poster with the same theme.

Lotus Mobius T-Shirt

T-shirt developed for Lotus’ National Fall Tour of 2010. The shirt was a 4 color silkscreen printed on American Apparel.

Lotus Tour Poster 2010

Poster designed for Lotus' Fall Tour 2010. 18 x 22 inches and offset printed in a short run of 150, 50 were signed and numbered by the band.

Lotus NYE 2010

Their first show in hometown Philadelphia, Lotus sold out the largest venue in the city with their New Years Eve 2010 show. MSTRKRFT opened for the band bringing the in the New Year with a bang. The concept behind the design was based on the hard hitting beats of both bands mixing visual elements of the 80's with the one of Philly's finest venues, The Electric Factory.

Create Democracy

A poster created for Create Democracy, a poster competition inviting designers and illustrators to submit their visual interpretation on the theme of democracy. Selected posters were a part of an exhibition held in Newcastle, England this October as part of Design Event 09 and published in the exhibition booklet released in February of 2010.


Pill-Popper was a letterpress project that took the form of a post-card set. The set explored the effects of drug usage using illustrations of characters shaped like pills with expressions that mirrored the drug's effect. There were eight postcards total, all of which came housed in box with a blind embossed pill on the front and a belly band to hold it all together.

Captains of Industry

The captains of industry poster series is a 4 color series that explores the concepts of wealth and the godlike status today's fortune 500 CEO's have reached in America's consumption centric society.

Lotus at The Fillmore

After building up a significant following in the Denver area Lotus returned in the Fall of 2009 to play two back to back, sold out shows at the Fillmore Theater. Touring their new album "Oil on Glass, Feather on Wood" this poster was sold at both shows to commemorate the event.

Lotus Anatomy Hoodie

The Lotus Anatomy design has recently become the bands top selling piece of mercy of all time. With a visual concept based on the sophisticated psychedelic sound the band has built over the years, the design has reached fans all over the world.


By presenting a fictitious worst-case scenario as genuine the Anarkon project questions the influence of corporate, branding and advertising power in a culture consumed by consumption. Its goal is to encourage citizens to examine their response to commercial messaging and to play a more active role in determining the limits of corporate power in American society. Anarkon was an Masters thesis project completed at the Academy of Art University.

The Beautiful Ordinary

Materials developed for a film festival highlighting the movies of Richard Linklater (Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Waking Life, etc.). These materials combined the comfortable, well worn, feel of Linklater’s films into a collection of pieces that were approachable, as well as celebratory of the beautiful, ordinary everyday life that we are all a part of. The Beautiful Ordinary was completed as part of a masters program at the Academy of Art University.

Lotus NYE 2009

A limited edition of 25 this 5 color silkscreen poster was done to for Lotus' 2009 sold out New Years Eve show at The Fox Theatre in Boulder Colorado.

SF Critical Mass

The objective of this project was to promote San Francisco’s yearly Halloween Critical Mass. The poster paid homage the rich history and art of the silk-screened poster in the Bay Area and pulled stylistic cues from the posters of B Movie Horror films of the 1960’s.

Telepath – Contact

Four panel Digipack album design for Lancaster's Telepath. The band uses a wide variety of self-created samples containing Indian and Arabic singers and musicians, Afrobeat-influenced horn lines and dubbed-out effects to generate the multi-layered international sound. In capturing that sound the album design made us of a mash-up of culturally diverse images and symbols.

NEUE Magazine

NEUE is a publication that appreciates life changing music. NEUE recognizes that great music—like all great art—has the power to touch us in profound ways, defining the undefinable through experience over explanation. The end goal of NEUE was simply to expose and educate new and diehard audiences to a wide range of essential music, and bring more beauty into their lives. NEUE Magazine was completed as part of a master's program at the Academy of Art University.

Lotus Keyboard Shirt

A shirt designed for Lotus after the release of their remix album "Copy, Paste, Repeat". The design was meant to be modular enough to accommodate a number of colors of shirts.


Social commentary in the form of an investor guide for the Chomp-Assist 3000, this book was an exploration in the absurd. The Chomp-Assist device was the perfect companion to consumers who enjoyed eating food but didn't want to do all that chewing work usually involved in the process. The device had a number of speed and torque setting for all your chomping needs. This project was a part of an MFA program completed at The Academy of Art University.

Lotus – Copy, Paste, Repeat

Remix album developed for Philadelphia's live-electronic band, Lotus. They were looking for something minimal and type driven that would reflect the style of the music. Produced by Jesse and Luke Miller with remixes by DJ Harry, Skytree, the Juan McLean, J Tonal, The Pnuma Trio, The Lymbyc Systym, Telepath and others.

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